The Surgival Trauma line encompasses a wide range of clinical areas
for the treatment of fractures and deformities requiring minimally invasive surgery.

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The Surgival RadLock system is a highly versatile solution for distal and proximal radius fractures. Its fixed-angle locking design enables the configuration of fixations with high angular stability, even in poor quality bone.

SURGIFEET: Forefoot osteotomy system

The Surgifeet System offers a wide range of configurations for addressing the various surgical procedures for forefoot bone reconstruction.

DCP plates for osteosynthesis

The DCP Plates from Surgival(Dynamic Compression Plates) are indicated for temporary fixation, correction or stabilisation of bones in various anatomical areas.


El Sistema PLACA TUBO de Surgival es un sistema modular, suministrado en formato estéril, que ofrece al cirujano una amplia variedad de placas de cadera y tornillos deslizantes. It is a simple and highly versatile option for safely approaching multiple types of hip fractures in the distal and proximal thirds of the femur.


The  LNS GT NAIL  from Surgival, also known as a trochanteric nail, is an intramedullary nail system designed to treat fractures of the proximal third of the femur in a logical, convenient and effective manner.


Of the systems used for osteosynthesis, screws are the most common devices and can be used alone or in combination with others.Surgival offers a wide range of osteosynthesis screws targeted at various types of fractures and anatomical areas.


Surgival offers a wide range of surgical fixation devices for anatomical reduction of osteosynthesis fragments: Kirschner Needles, Steinmann Pins and Cerclage Wires.

Osteosynthesis and trauma staples

Surgival offers a wide range of staples for osteosynthesis and trauma: Blount Staples, Osteotomy Staples and American Staples. 

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