SURGIFEET: Forefoot osteotomy system

A wide range of configurations for various forefoot reconstruction procedures.

Surgifeet characteristics:

The Surgifeet System offers a wide range of configurations for addressing the various surgical procedures for forefoot bone reconstruction.

The system is made up of:

  • Surgifeet cannulated screws
  • Surgifeet Weill screws
  • Surgifeet osteotomy staples

SURGIFEET CANNULATED SCREWS for Hallux Valgus correction of the 1st metatarsal (Scarf and Chevron osteotomies)


  • Precise guided insertion with Kirschner needles from ø 0.9 mm
  • Material: Titanium Alloy (Ti6Al4V ELI)
  • Colour-coded with anodised titanium. The anodised layer also superficially improves the mechanical characteristics of the system.
  • Two recommended* thread directions, for RIGHT FOOT or LEFT FOOT insertion:
*The two thread directions prevent unwanted rotation of the osteotomy while the screws are being tightened. At the discretion of the surgeon, the GREEN screws (recommended for the LEFT foot) can also be implanted in the RIGHT foot. In this case, insertion would be clockwise.

  • 1.75 mm HEXAGONAL connection optimises the torque for safe insertion/extraction.
  • Distal and proximal thread with offset in the thread pitch, which allows for compression over the osteotomy as the screw is entering and encourages early bone fusion.
  • Lengths: 10-34 mm (increments of 2 mm)


SURGIFEET WEILL SCREWS  for osteotomies of the 2nd to 5th metatarsals


  • Material: Titanium Alloy (Ti6Al4V ELI)
  • Anodised titanium in BLUE. The anodised layer improves the mechanical properties of the surface of the screws.
  • Length: 11-15 mm (increments of 1 mm)
  • Extended proximal area for motor-driven insertion.
  • Low profile flat head with 2 grooves for attachment with a special screwdriver.

SURGIFEET STAPLES for supplementary osteotomies of the 1st phalanx.


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Standard (90°) and oblique (26°) staple
  • Staple height 10 mm.
  • 2 staple widths: 8 mm and 10 mm.
  • Staple diameter: Ø 1 mm.
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