The most versatile solutions for

the most demanding revision arthroplasties.

Genutech CCK Revision Knee Characteristics:

The revision knee system GENUTECH® CCK, integrates the latest technological and biomechanical advances for  revision knee arthroplasties Surgival has developed a system to provide surgeons with one of the most comprehensive, innovative and distinguished solutions currently available on the market for cases of deficient prosthetic  stabilisation due to inadequate function of both the medial lateral and anterior posterior ligaments, in addition to varus/valgus instability.

It is also indicated for large bone defects that can add to existing instabilities.

Its use in femoral components and tibial trays is always cemented. The initial recommendation is to not use cement in straight stems and with offset.


Femoral component

  • Maximum congruence to minimise tension and y reduce friction and wear.
  • The design of the condyles allows for 140º of flexion to be achieved.
  • Maximum mobility restriction through the design of the tibial post and CCK intercondylar box. This restriction will affect external–internal rotation and varus/valgus movement.

Tibial Insert

  • Intercondylar post with excellent rigidity for high stability and constriction that helps prevent dislocation.
  • Internal titanium pegto improve fixation and prevent breakage of the intercondylar post.
  • Complete modularity between tibial tray and insert sizes, which provides versatility and enhanced capacity to adapt to each specific case.
  • Triple fixation: primary fixation via antero-posterior clipping, secondary safety peg fixation and tertiary fixation with metal post reinforcement that attached the insert to the tray, providing excellent stability and preventing breakage of the tibial insert post.

Tibial Tray

  • Total compatibility between tibial insert and tray sizes, enabling enhanced adaptation to large bone defects.
  • Special keel design that is minimally invasive. Optimised low profile for maximum anti-rotational efficacy and excellent stability.
  • Dual stem fixation: primary fixation based on a “morse taper” system and secondary fixation with a compression screw.
  • Safety peg: Definitive fixation of the insert to the tibial tray.


  • Wide range of  straight and offset stems to ensure enhanced stability in both the tibial and femoral areas with diaphyseal grooves for better intramedullary vascularisation.
  • Dual stem fixation systemwith excellent safety profile based on the adjustment between “morse tapers” of the stem and the femoral or tibial component plus installation of the compression screw.


  • The system also enables the use of femoral supplements   (distal and posterior) and tibial supplements,mechanically fixedto cover any potential bone deficiency


  • All the Genutech CCK instruments have been designed based on the innovative concept EASY PLUS® with two goals in mind: to facilitate the work of surgeons and minimise patient risk. The result is a system that reduces operating times while ensuring precision.

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