A classic in hip hemiarthroplasties that
remains a worthwhile treatment option.

Austin Moore Characteristics:

In 1940, Dr Austin Moore (1899–1963) performed the first metal hip replacement at Columbia Hospital in South Carolina. Moore designed a proximal femoral prosthesis with a large head and an approximate length of 30 cm that was attached with bolts to the end of the femoral shaft. This is the origin of hemiarthroplasty or partial hip replacement.

At Surgival fwe manufacture the improved version that was subsequently developed, known as the Austin Moore prosthesis, which is still currently used in femoral neck fractures.



  • Manufactured in titanium alloy  (Ti6Al4V).
  • Use: Cementless
  • The stem section is rectangular in shape to ensure better anchoring in light of torsional stress.
  • Designed with windows that enable bone growth and more effective prosthesis anchoring.
  • Availability of femoral calcar support for load transmission to the lesser trochanter area.


Austin Moore Standard sizes

18 SIZES: Heads from Ø 38 mm to Ø 55 mm with 1 mm increments.

  • Ø 38 mm to Ø 44 mm: length 130 mm.
  • Ø 45mm to Ø 47mm: length 144mm.
  • Ø 48mm to Ø 55mm: length 150mm.


Austin Moore fine sizes

15 SIZES: Heads from Ø 38 mm to Ø 52 mm with 1 mm increments. Length: 135mm

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