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Thompson characteristics

Since it was first used in 1954, the THOMPSON prosthesis has remained a popular implant for the treatment of hip fractures and its indications for use have changed very little since its advent It is primarily used in patients with intracapsular fracture

The Thompson  Surgival prosthesis is indicated for femoral neck fractures in which internal fixation is not recommended. This is typically found in older patients or those with limited mobility.



  • Manufactured in titanium alloy  (Ti6Al4V).
  • Use: Cemented
  • Unipolar head
  • Standard stem
  • Stem length: 110 mm
  • Cervical–diaphyseal angle: 135º
  • Neck length: 24.10 mm
  • Seat length: 46.4 mm
  • Seat width: 28.4 mm


  • Heads with diameters from 37 mm to 56 mm with 1 mm increments.


  • Thompson rasp
  • Femoral Head Extractor
  • Femoral Head Impactor

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