Regenerates the hip’s natural degree of rotation with a simple design that facilitates maximum ease of implantation.

Endocephalic head characteristics:

The endocephalic head  is indicated for hip hemiarthroplasties. Its design makes it possible to preserve the anatomical acetabulum and joint cartilage, regenerating  the degree of natural rotation that the joint originally had.

The endocephalic head Surgival is assembled with the selected tapered press-fit stem, thereby forming an ideal partial prosthesis system for the socket with the acetabulum joint cartilage. This implant is compatible with a wide range of Surgival hip stems in all their configurations.



  • Made of Austenitic Stainless Steel with high resistance (AISI 316 LVM) .
  • Two models:  Standard collar and long collar (length +5 mm).


  • Standard collar:  19 sizes, diameters from 38 to 56 mm, with a cadence of 1 mm.

  • Long collar: 18 sizes, diameters from 38 to 55 mm, with a cadence of 1 mm.

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