The alternative to total hip arthroplasty, which facilitates

a quick return to mobility and patient rehabilitation.

Biarticular Head characteristics

The biarticular head, also called a bipolar or bicentric head, was essentially designed  to reduce the friction that occurs, in the majority of cases and early on, in the acetabular cartilage upon direct contact with the metal head of an endoprosthesis in a classic hemiarthroplasty.

The biarticular or bipolar system from Surgival is indicated for hip hemiarthroplasty in which the primary objective is to preserve the anatomical acetabulum and its joint cartilage. The design of this bipolar system offers the option for dual rotation thanks to the combination of two spherical geometries that help reduce friction and increase the life of the joint cartilage and, therefore, of the system.

The Biarticular Head is made up of a metal cup that is in contact with the acetabulum and a polyethylene insert that receives the femoral head for the stem. This therefore creates two joints: one between the acetabulum and the cup, and another between the insert and the femoral head.

The biarticular system is made up of the biarticular cup, the biarticular insert and the femoral head.



  • Cup and head made of Stainless Steel with high resistance (AISI 316 LVM) .
  • Polyethylene UHMWPE insert with excellent resistance to impact and wear.
  • Hemispherical cup.
  • Advantages: lower risk of dislocation, minimal surgical trauma, preservation of the natural acetabulum and quick return to mobility/rehabilitation for the patient. 


  • The cup is available in 17 sizes, from 39 to 55 mm, with increments of 1 mm.

  • The insert is available in 4 sizes with an internal diameter of 28 mm or 22 mm.

  • The heads can be 22 mm or 28 mm.

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