Rapid cement injection, easily controllable thanks to

the ergonomic design and ease of use

Cement gun characteristics:

The Surgival bone cement gun is a device that facilitates bone cement mixing and application. The vacuum mixing procedure reduces the porosity of the bone cement as well as its characteristic fumes. Precise application of bone cement with just the press of a button 

The ergonomic and easy to use design helps orthopaedic surgeons to perform procedures with greater ease.

  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Hermetic cartridge during mixing.
  • With vacuum tube to reduce fumes and air bubbles.
  • The mixer and injection gun are disposable, meaning zero infections.
  • The injection gun kit includes an exchangeable transfer adaptor compatible with the majority of mixing cylinders.

    The complete Surgival cement gun kit includes:

    • Mixing cylinder
    • Base
    • Cap
    • Mixing rod
    • Vacuum tube
    • Air filter
    • Funnel

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