Training in revision knee prosthesis from Spain to Latin America

Continuous training has always been one of the most important values for Surgival. Advances in technology have made it possible in recent years to cross all frontiers and offer direct, specialized and real-time training without having to travel.

On September 19, 2017, a new online workshop was organized, in which Simo Bensassi (Export Manager of Surgival) and Elisa Félez (Export Area Manager of Surgival) gave a course of Revision Knee Prosthesis with the GENUTECH® CCK instruments for the technical team of a Latin American distributor.

The duration of the training was approximately 3 hours, and the spectators had the opportunity to review step by step the surgical technique, and resolve their doubts in real time.

Surgival is available to all partners to train in the surgical techniques of knee, hip and traumatology of their products.

Very good vibrations in the first year of Medical Fair Thailand

Surgival attended Medical Fair Thailand for the first time, held on September 6-8 of 2017 in Bangkok.

The International Team, Simo Benssasi and Ana Carmen Pardo, and the company’s CEO, Mara Gracia, attended the event in order to present the company’s consolidated products and innovations of this year.

It were three very intense days in which the company got to establish strategic contacts in Thailand and neighboring countries, to continue with the international expansion that is experiencing year after year.

Next year 2018 Surgival will attend the Medical Fair Asia, to be held on August 29-31 in Singapore, with the aim of continuing the sales growth of the Asian zone.

Mauritania surgeons visit Surgival headquarters with Surgeon to Surgeon Program

Surgival receives 4 doctors and 1 theatre nurse from Mauritania with the Surgeon to Surgeon program. 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th of February the surgeons will attend several knee and hip arthroplasties, will practise the surgival techniques with workshops and will know the Surgival headquarters in Valencia.

The aim of this visit is to train the doctors with the best surgical techniques to implant Surgival products. Surgival reference doctors will teach them their tips and way to operate with GENUTECH knee system for example.

The company thanks the support of all the people involved with the Surgeon to Surgeon program, where doctors and technicians from all over the world can get first class training by world reference surgeons.

Senegal doctors involved in the last Surgeon to Surgeon

From 19th to 21st October, the following doctors from Senegal were invited to the Surgeon to Surgeon program held in Barcelona: Dr. Momar Sene (Principal Hospital), Dr. André-Daniel Sane (CHU Hospital) and the Instrumentist, Mr. Daouda Tamba (CHU Hospital).

Some of Surgival´s Reference doctors like Dr. Pere Hinarejos, Dr. Xavier Pelfort, Dr. JA Hernández Hermoso, Dr. Francisco Maculé and Dr. Enric Cruz were responsible for directing Genutech primary knee arthroplasties, with the new DCF instrumentation and revision knee Genutech CCK.

This program was performed in Esperança Hospital, Consorci Hospital of Anoia, the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, the Clinic Hospital and the Hospital of Granollers.

The doctors were very satisfied and giving particular emphasis on the new instruments of primary knee DCF, with EASY INSTRUMENTS PLUS technology and, among other advantages, reduces the time of intervention by 15% while minimizing its risks.

Panama, last destination of the Surgeon to Surgeon Program

From 5th to 9th October, a new Surgeon to Surgeon program was held in Panama and powered by Surgival

Reference Doctors like Pere Hinarejos, from Hospital La Esperanza, along with guest Doctors from Colombia, Dr. Eduardo Canal, Dr. Libardo Benavides, traveled to the American Central country with the aim of training surgeons from various hospitals in the country, as a group of professionals from Ecuador.

Hospitals welcomed this initiative were: Dr. Gustavo Collado R. Nelson Hospital (City of Chitré), the Dr. Arnulfo Arias Metropolitan Hospital Complex and the Geriatric March 29th Hospital; the last two in the city of Panama.

The program for this event included both hip and knee surgeries broadcast in real time, in addition to conducting workshops and conferences with recommendations and useful theories for surgeons.
As already mentioned several times, these programs are widely used by the company to train its

​partners​, ensuring proper use of instrumenta​tion​ and successful surgeries​ with​ Surgival products.

The company leverages to thank Dental Medical, hosts of this conference, for the great work of organization that took place, as well as all professionals who ​ere willing​ to participate in the program, without whom these events could not be carried out.

Brain Medical and Surgival participated in the training course for knee system in the Austral University of Buenos Aires

Surgival supported its strategic partner in Argentina, Brain Medical, in the organization of the “crash course in reconstructive knee surgery.” This course, led by Dr. Carlos María Autorino, took place on Wednesday 22 July in the School of Biomedical Sciences of the Austral University of Buenos Aires.

Dr. Francisco Maculé, one of the Surgival partners, was one of the main speakers at this course where current issues were treated as “Contemporary Issues in reconstructive knee surgery,” “Fast Program RTR recovery “or” RTR morbidly obese “.

Furthermore, total knee system Genutech® was presented in depth, both the implant and its performance, as the sequence of the surgical technique and tips to ensure surgery without complications.

Finally, several complex real clinical cases were presented and how they have to be resolved successfully.

Surgival invited to the 13th edition of Pakistan’s Arthroplasty Society Congress

The 13th Total Knee Arthroplasty Live and Cadaveric, was celebrated on May 9th at the Liaquat National Hospital & Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan.

This is Pakistan’s most important congress regarding knee arthroplasty. Many topics of current interest were covered, including the procedures for primary and revision surgeries.

Dr. Francisco Maculé, one of our doctors, was one of the main speakers at the event. He performed a live surgery so the other participants could learn and get to know the results and benefits offered by our Total Knee System Genutech.

On the 6th and 7th of May, the attendees went to different hospitals in the city of Lahore, including the Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital.

Dr. Francisco Maculé and our Export Area Manager were in charge of training and advising the doctors and their teams through conferences and workshops where new instrumental was used. Knee replacements were also performed in order to complete the activities of our Surgeon to Surgeon Program.

AEA-SEROD celebrate the 3rd edition in Madrid

From 22nd to 24th of April the 3rd Joint AEA-SEROD Congress had celebrated in Madrid.

During the event, with more than 1.000 participants, lot of courses, symposium about clinical cases, roundtables and lectures, among other interesting activities were performed in order to be updated about news and industry trends.

As usual in this Congress, a space was reserved for exhibitors where Surgival was presented to have a meeting with partnerships and friends and also make known the products and actuality of the company.

The Surgeon to Surgeon program makes stop in Egypt

We took just the third part of the year and Surgival has continued traveling around the world with one goal: to support distributors and doctors who rely on us and our products.

Egypt has been another step and, therefore, from 13 to 17 April, we flew to the capital, El Cairo, to present theoretical and practical competitive advantages of the knee system and instrumental Genutech.

In total there were seven medical centers visited, also performing some live surgery, where they could use the knowledge, tricks and tips learned.

Surgival travel to Ecuador for teaching a new Surgeon to Surgeon program

From 13 to April 17, Surgival traveled to Ecuador to complete the training of the Genutech knee and hip systems to the doctors and technicians.

The training took place in different hospitals and medical centers in the country, where many theoretical and practical training workshops and live surgeries were performed.

During the implementation of this program, we also had the pleasure of having Dr. Barría, one of our main reference doctors who actively participated in this training, sharing with all his wide experience.