KHA cup

The cup belongs KHA® total hip arthroplasty system KAREY®. This system has been designed by an eminent group of experts in surgery COT, finding the cup KHA® within category impacted.

The KHA® cup has a peripheral groove system on its half-central region that allows the cup to provide a thickness on whose purpose is to provide both optimum clamping effect when implanted.

Turn the cup KHA® has a dual system for fixing and antirotational:

– Fixing: besides the cup KHA® impaction allows the introduction of titanium screws (Ti6Al4V) low profile.

– Anti-Rotation: The cup also has 3 screws above pivots pyramidal shape arranged at 120 ° to control rotation.


The KHA® is a cementless acetabular prosthesis.

Specific data

if(is_user_logged_in() ) {
echo ‘Materials: Manufactured in Titanium Alloy (Ti6Al4V). Titanium screws (Ti6Al4V) low profile ‘;

echo ‘Packaging: Surgival box (115X52X118 mm).
echo ‘Quantity: 1 Uds
else {
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