SURGIVAL participates in the development of several projects funded by IMPIVA. IMPIVA projects.

SURGIVAL from his department + D + i“, participates in the development of several projects funded by IMPIVA(in 2009), in relation to its strategic plan designed to complement their product lines.

This SURGIVAL has developed as part of the program for Midsize IMPIVA related projects:

 Acetabular Hip System and fractures which can obtain some novel solutions that minimize surgical time with minimally invasive techniquesThey also offer solutions that reduce particulate emissions and consequently the possible loosening by osteolysis (No exp.IMIDTP/2009/489 and No exp.IMIDTP/2009/492).

 Minimally Invasive Instrumentation System (MISfor the knee, giving the surgeon a novel alternative to the conventional systemWith these systems is estimated to reduce surgical time and promote recovery of patientsin shorter than usual (No exp.: IMIDPT/2009/490).

 Development Systems applied to column versed in developing Nanostructured Biomaterials for interbody cages(project to delve into the new application materials ostointegradoras and osteoconductive characteristics thanks to the tribological characteristics of the material, (No exp.: IMIDTP/2009/491 ).

 New attachment system transpedicular screw with a new system that favors closing the lock screw and greatly improves its mechanical performance (No exp.: IMIDTA/2009/935).