Brain Medical and Surgival participated in the training course for knee system in the Austral University of Buenos Aires

Surgival supported its strategic partner in Argentina, Brain Medical, in the organization of the “crash course in reconstructive knee surgery.” This course, led by Dr. Carlos María Autorino, took place on Wednesday 22 July in the School of Biomedical Sciences of the Austral University of Buenos Aires.

Dr. Francisco Maculé, one of the Surgival partners, was one of the main speakers at this course where current issues were treated as “Contemporary Issues in reconstructive knee surgery,” “Fast Program RTR recovery “or” RTR morbidly obese “.

Furthermore, total knee system Genutech® was presented in depth, both the implant and its performance, as the sequence of the surgical technique and tips to ensure surgery without complications.

Finally, several complex real clinical cases were presented and how they have to be resolved successfully.