First Surgeon To Surgeon performed in 2015

During February, We had the opportunity to host 6 doctors from different countries: Egypt (Dr. Amir Khairy), Dominican Republic (Dr. Yunior Herrera), Panama (Dr. Evelio Camano, Dr. César Zorita and Dr. Ariel Racine) and Saudi Arabia (Dr. Youssef Ghaly), we performed the first training program Surgeon to Surgeon in 2015.

Through this program, international doctors working with Surgival products travel to Spain for different trainings in surgery theaters where they are taught tricks, tips and methodologies by the Spanish Surgival Reference Doctors.

This edition focused exclusively on the formation of hip and knee Genutech® both primary and revision CCK. All these hosted by Dr. Pere Hinarejos, Dr. Fernando Marques, Dr. Alfonso León, Dr. Xavier Pelfort, Dr. José Antonio Hernández Hermoso, Dr. Enric Cruz, Dr. Francisco Maculé in different hospitals in Barcelona, ​​and Dr. Antonio Bru, in Valencia.

The trip to Valencia was an opportunity to show to the doctors the company facilities and the the factory.

Again, the program was a success, very appreciated by doctors therefore the knowledge gained by visualizing new approach techniques.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the guests doctors who participated in the program, all the knowledge and experience they shared with us as well as the kindness and joy that passed us at all times.

Surgival attends their annual conference with the University Pompeu Fabra

For the third consecutive year, Surgival was invited to give a seminar in the Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona on “Process Design and Product Development Health”.

D. Ivan Navarro, engineer of the R + D + i, along with Roberto D. Gorraiz, Marketing, were this time the company representatives.

During the presentation, Surgival stood as firm specializing in COT and processes used in the design and development of Medical Device. Special emphasis was placed on the importance of biomaterials and biomedical knowledge that future engineers must possess to exercise their profession. An interesting debate about responsibility and impact of MOM hip prostheses in order to raise awareness about the importance of understanding the interaction of biomaterials in the design of medical devices.

Another year, a high rate of participation was achieved by students and teachers, which justifies the interest in the company for these future professionals.

From here take the opportunity to again thank Dr. Antonio Molina (Under the Spine Unit of Hospital del Mar and Associate Professor at the UPF) and D. Carlos María López (Teacher Degree in Biomedical Engineering) confidence in the company.

Surgival, national manufacturer of reference, is fulfilling the commitment to help the training and education of specialists associated with the Orthopaedic Surgery.