Surgival presents the successful case of ADDBIO

The 2nd of april, Surgival has been invited by the Instituto Biomecánico de Valencia (IBV) in its headquarter to give a conference about the ADDBIO project in the “Professional workshop. How can we finance our R+D projects? CDTI, instruments and other interested programs”, organized with the collaboration of Red de Institutos Tecnológicos de la Comunitat Valenciana (REDIT) for the companies of the health sector.

Mr. Sergio García, R+D Department Director, was responsible of the conference to all the assistants of the recent successful case of ADDBIO project financed by CDTI.
The objective of this project was to develop custom parametric implants by surgival planning systems based on medical imaging and additive manufacturing technologies.
In this project, the companies AMES S.A., Biotechnology Institute S.L., Hospitalario Quirón S.A. Group, Kanteron Systems, IBV and the Instituto Tecnológico Metalmecánico (AIMME) also have participated.

Surgival back to classroom in the Universitat Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona

After the success of the last edition, Surgival came back to classroom of Biomedical Engineering Degree in the Universitat Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona to give the conference “Design Process and Health Product Development”. For this time, Mr. José Ángel Cortijo, I + D Department Engineer, has been responsible of the meeting in the new facilities of the University located in the Hospital del Mar.

About over two hours, in addition to the main theme that was the biomaterials used for the manufacturing of the implants and prosthesis, other issues were also discussed as the close relationship between the company responsible of the design and the manufacturing of the products with the orthopaedic specialist by his data and his ratings during the development of the products. These data are crucial for the success of the project.
During this meeting, few physical examples of standard manufactured products had been showed and also the most innovative with additive manufacturing technology.
Finally, this meeting ended with a question round when the assistants showed that they were very interested because they could have an important mission in this sector as future Biomedical Engineers.
We would like to be thank to Dr. Antonio Molina (Spine Unit of Hospital del Mar and associate professor at UPF) and to D. Carlos María López (professor of Biomedical Engineering Degree) for trusting Surgival for this conference.
With this training action, Surgival continues to meet its objectives promoting these specific trainings for the future professionals of the orthopaedic surgery and traumatology.