Students of Master´s Degree in Biomedical Engineering of UPV visit Surgival

Surgival had the pleasure to receive the 5th of February the 40 students of Master´s Degree in Biomedical Engineering of universities of UPV and UV at the factory of Paterna (Technologic Park).

The reason of this visit was the agreement between Surgival and the Master Direction to make nearer the business reality to them through this training day “Structure and operation of a manufacturer company of medical device”.
Mr. Sergio García, I+D+i Manager, conducted this visit and presented themes like the regulation of the medical device, the structure of a manufacturer company, the quality systems for medical device, design of development of the product through specific technics (CAD/CAE/CAM).
All this presentation was very entertaining and practical. Also the students visited the production plant to know how is working a leader company of his sector.
This activity, coordinated by Mr. Carlos Atienza, teacher of Master and Health Technology Manager in the Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV) help to get one of Surgival target that is to collaborate actively for the improvement of the next professional of this sector.

The importance of Surgival grows after Arab Health 2014

The Arab Health 2014 exhibition was held another year in the Dubai World Trade Centre of Dubai (27-30 January).
It´s one of the more important fairs of the medical area of all the world and the second with more visitors. The first is MEDICA of Düsseldorf.
One more year Surgival had been present with its own booth. This event is quite important for the company because is the best opportunity to meet customers of Asia, Africa and Europe and also this exhibition provides new and very interesting business opportunities.

“Cámara de Comercio” includes Surgival as an example of innovation of Valencian company.

“Cámara de Comercio” includes Surgival as an example of innovation of Valencian company.

“Consejo de Cámaras de Comercio de la Comunidad Valenciana” had published recently the dossier “Valencian companies who are improving the quality of life in the world. Examples of innovation of Valencian companies”.
This dossier stand out the innovative position and the relevance of the Valencian companies in Spain and all the world. In the chapter of Health quality, Surgival is present as a national leader manufacturer company with a complete range of implants for Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology.
Also, the dossier mentions that Surgival has the help of the best orthopedic professionals and the international distributors in more than 40 countries of the 5 continents.
At the end, it talks about ADDBIO project, cofinanced by CDTI, in which Surgival participates actively and the objective is the products manufacturing by additive technologies (3D technologic print). By this way, Surgival will be the first Spanish company to offer this kind of implants adapted to all needs of its customers.



Consejo de Cámaras de Comercio: