SURGIVAL consolidated its brand in EFORT’ 13

Estambul, the economic capital of Turquey, has been chosen this year to celebrate the 14th EFORT exhibition, between the 5th and the 8th of June.

One more year and despite of the delicate situation of this country at that time, the success of the congress was outright. About 6.800 surgeons and 165 companies of 29 different countries were present.

Surgival, of course was present as an exhibitor, showing their products at the many doctors, customers and distributors of all the word who came to visit its booth. In this occasion and because of the congress magnitude and the very large presence of the Spanish doctors Mr. Miquel Carreras (General Manager), Mr. Tomás Cosías (CEO) and Mr. Mateo Oliver (Cataluña Sales Manager) were also present, besides the International Commercial Team (Mrs. Mara Gracia and Mr. Alejandro Martínez).

We also would like to take advantage to congratulate Dr Enric Cáceres by the appointment as the 2ndVice President EFORT.

Surgival was present in SECCA´13

The Spanish Society of Hip Surgery (SECCA) has celebrated its XV Congress in the Meliá Castilla Hotel (Madrid) between the 20th and the 21st of June.

Making reference of the data of the organisation congress, 150 people has been present (enrolled), a lot of them famous – one of them:  the Professor Miguel Cabanela.

This congress of 1 day and half, had been scheduled to let that all speeches and activities never coincide (at different hours), allowing assistants could be at any of them.

Three free oral communication sessions were held and another in defense of the posters.

The scientific schedule closed this congress with two “round table” and two conferences.

The majority of the Surgery and Trauma sector societies had supported this congress, one of them SURGIVAL whom exposed its hip products in its own booth.