Training in revision knee prosthesis from Spain to Latin America

Continuous training has always been one of the most important values for Surgival. Advances in technology have made it possible in recent years to cross all frontiers and offer direct, specialized and real-time training without having to travel.

On September 19, 2017, a new online workshop was organized, in which Simo Bensassi (Export Manager of Surgival) and Elisa Félez (Export Area Manager of Surgival) gave a course of Revision Knee Prosthesis with the GENUTECH® CCK instruments for the technical team of a Latin American distributor.

The duration of the training was approximately 3 hours, and the spectators had the opportunity to review step by step the surgical technique, and resolve their doubts in real time.

Surgival is available to all partners to train in the surgical techniques of knee, hip and traumatology of their products.

Surgival and Dr. Carmen García Espert organize a practical hand training

“Practical course on hand in corpse. Most frequent approaches”

Surgival, together with Dr. Carmen García Espert of La Fe Hospital (Valencia), organized the “Practical corpse hand training, frequent approaches“. The event took place on 23 June from 16.00 to 20.00 at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the University of Valencia.

The attendants were 12 residents of La Fe Hospital. During the day they had the opportunity to learn by practicing with corpse the minimally invasive techniques of hand approach. As well as the most common complications that can occur in each type of approach. The speaker and teacher, Dr. Carmen García Espert, has a great experience in this extremity and shared all her knowledge, tricks and advices to the young people in this hand training.

These trainings and workshops are really important for Surgival. They enable the company to approach health professionals and offer them the best training, contributing to the continuous improvement of medicine. This hand training, in particular, allows medical residents to be trained, which will be the future of medicine.

Surgival would like to thank Dr. Carmen García Espert and the Department of Anatomy and Human Embryology of the University of Valencia for their invaluable collaboration in this training project. As well as thank all the attendees, for making this successful hand training possible.

The company hopes to be able to follow this rhythm of course organizations and conferences for a long time and is very proud of the great reception they have among health professionals.